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His LTC hashpower is growing as more miners are going online under his.A primary benefit from SegWit is decreased transaction times.

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A positive outcome on the decision of SegWit could revive the interests on LTC.This could lead to the inception of the idea of running both segwit and bitcoin unlimited concurrently.

Continue reading Litecoin Continues Bullish Trend As SegWit Activation Draws Closer The post Litecoin Continues Bullish Trend As.It still all depends on Bitcoin community whether they will give a majority vote to Bitcoin Unlimited or vote to keep using Bitcoin core.At the point of writing this article, Bitcoin Unlimited was more likely to win the comparison.

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Like in Bitcoin, Litecoin miners bristle to signal support for SegWit.

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Their decision will have to put the decision at place since they are the remaining people to decide the fate of Bitcoin as Bitcoin miners.

With the Successful locking-in of the SegWit upgrade by the bitcoin miners, it made it possible to be activated automatically in approx a week with the next.Seeing exchanges halt LTC trading briefly due to this spam attack is a bit.Processed block 481,824 brought debates over the code upgrade to an official close, enabling users to take advantage of the long-promised SegWit technology.This decision simply means that this 70% have decided either to support Bitcoin Unlimited or SegWit.

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Segwit on LTC would be great step further to activating Segwit on BTC. If.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Perspective Since its inception, Bitcoin has had the potential.Why Bitcoin is Not a Bubble Bitcoin has seen incredible growth in 2017, rising.

Top 6 Litecoin Mining Pools Signaling SegWit Support. As it turns out there are quite a few litecoin mining pools signaling SegWit. although some Reddit users.Observers are now watching to see its effect on litecoin price, and.

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